VP-2241- výkonový zosilňovač 1 x 240W/100V, odbočky na 70 a 50V, frekvenčný rozsah 40 Hz - 16 kHz, napájanie 28 Vjs (20 - 40 Vjs), rozmery 482 x 88,4 x 340,5 mm (š x v x h).
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Power Source 28V DC (operating range: 20 - 40V DC)
M4 screw terminal, distance between barriers: 12mm
Current Consumption (EN60065) 4.8A
Recording Output Power 240W
Output Voltage/Impedance 100V/41 ohms, 70V/21 ohms, 50V/10 ohms (selectable by the internal wiring change)
Number of Channels 1
Input Specified by input module VP-200VX
Nouber of Module Slots 1, usable module: VP-200VX
Output Power amplifier output (speaker line): M3.5 screw terminal, distance between barriers: 8.8mm
Frequency Response 40 - 16,000Hz, ±3dB (at 1/3 rated output)
Distortion Under 1% at 1kHz (at rated output)
S/N ratio Over 80dB
Panel Indicator Channel power indicator: 1channel, dual colur LED
Overheat indicator: Yeollow LED
Operating Temperature 0° to +40°C
Muting Function MIC1 overrides other input signals with 0~30dB attenuation (activated by external make contact)
Finish Panel: Surface-treated steel plate, black, 30% gloss, paint
Dimensions (W × H × D) 482 × 88.4 × 340.5mm
Weight 8.1kg
Accessory Rack mounting screw × 4, Fiber washer × 4

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